Gibraltar United trio sign new deals

Kyle Goldwin, Brad Power and Robert Montovio have all signed new contracts with Gibraltar United.

Gib Utd trio Kyle Goldwin, Brad Power and Robert Montovio have all signed new contracts with the Premier Division club.

The three players have been rewarded for their continued progress this season, with Goldwin having a terrific season so far, Power is being highly regarded as one of the best local centre-backs in the division and Montovio is the clubs top scorer with eight goals in nineteen games. 

After signing their deals, they spoke to Football Gibraltar as they expressed their delight on signing their new deal. Brad Power answered, “The process was quite quick, the manager told me that he wanted me to sign on and the president was quite adamant that we got the deal done as soon as possible. Everything has gone very well for me this year and I feel I’ve gone from strength to strength, I know I want to stay at this club and I can improve a lot under the manager. I am very happy that I have been able to sign on so quickly.” 

12782318_10153998688057269_1946156100_nAs we mentioned earlier, Brad Power is being highly regarded as one of the best local centre-backs in the league so far and will be hoping he is selected for the International friendlies coming up in a few weeks time. We got his reaction on how playing in the Premier has changed himself as a player, “The manager saw a potential in me to play in a different position, at the start I wasn’t complete sure about it but I feel personally that i’ve gone from strength to strength from game to game. In Premier you know you are going to play against much higher quality players so you have to prepare yourself throughout the whole week, the way you train, the way you watch the game and just understanding that you are going to be in for a battle for 90 minutes and there’s not going to be any moment in which you can switch off, especially in a team like us where we know our limits and how we have to approach different games.

The international friendlies come up in a few weeks, we asked Power if his ambition for now is to be selected for that squad. “Obviously, every local players aim has to be to play for the national side and if the opportunity comes then I will grab it with both hands and hopefully prove that I can compete at that level and train with the best local players for the big games.” 

The second player to sign a new contract was goalkeeper Kyle ‘Chino’ Goldwin, “It is a proud day that the club is recognising my hard-work and obviously i’m looking forward to working with Manolo again for the next few seasons.”

12825450_10153998687817269_324397718_nGoldwin made the jump from Second Division to Premier and the keeper has had a terrific season and has earned many plaudits this season. We asked how the transition from one division to another has improved Goldwin as a goalkeeper. “It has improved me immensely, simply by the competitiveness of the league and the quality of the players that there is in the Premier. Playing in top games is something I thrive off and I continuously looking forward to playing in them and hopefully I can continue playing in Gibraltar United and end my career playing in the Premier.

Goldwin added, “I am having one of my best seasons up to now, I keep on raising the bar as i’m my own biggest critic and obviously I like hearing what people say, when I’m playing well etc but it is not something that I let go to my head and I use it to motivate me to work even harder. Knowing my manager Manolo keeps praising me, for a guy who has so much experience, it just motivates me even more.” 

Going into the International friendlies in a couple of weeks time, Goldwin has also been one of those players whose name has been pushed towards an international call-up. We got his views on his ambitions, “It is every footballers dream to play for their national side and as I have already experienced it with the national side in Futsal, it was a dream come true and to even be considered for the international friendlies would be a big accomplishment for me but not only for myself, for my family aswell because they know how hard I have worked for this.


Last but not least, Gibraltar United top goalscorer Robert Montovio expressed his delight on earning a new contract at the club, “I still had two more years in my contract but being asked to renew feels like a reward for the season i’m having so far.”

12804405_10153998688227269_146191618_nMontovio has scored eight goals this season, seeing as he is their top goalscorer, we asked if their was added pressure for Montovio to perform to his highest ability every game. “Yes, every match is full of pressure for me because the whole team is relying on my to score goals and when I was unable to score against Britannia, it was a bad night for me and I couldn’t get any sleep as I was the one who normally gets all the goals, it was very hard. It is a lot of pressure but I think I am coping very well.

Montovio is known for playing in big teams such as Manchester 62, Glacis United, Europa & most recently Second Division giants Europa Point, we asked if he finds it hard due to the limitations set by Gibraltar United, “I am seeing it as a new challenge as I have never been used to fighting for relegation or play-offs, i’m always use to playing at the top like Manchester and Glacis when we were battling against Lincoln and now i’m fighting this new challenge and help Gibraltar United with my experience.

At 31 years old, we asked Montovio if he fills his time is up to be considered for being selected in Gibraltar national squad for the upcoming friendlies, “To be honest I felt my time had passed but with the season i’m currently having, I think I deserve a chance, it’s not easy playing for Gibraltar United when you get one or two chances a game then with Lincoln when you get ten or fifteen and the scorelines are 11-0 or 13-0. While at Gibraltar United, you only have one shot and that’s the only chance you have to score. You can see it in the league tables, we only have twelve goals and I have score eight of them. Looking at it now I believe I have a chance, especially when you look at other strikers that haven’t been playing a lot like in Manchester etc and haven’t been scoring.” 

Lastly, we asked Montovio if Gibraltar United can stay up this season, “If I didn’t feel Gibraltar United could stay up then I wouldn’t continue playing, I think we have had a very good season as we currently have nineteen points which no one expected this so why not. We have beaten Lions, Manchester, Glacis twice & Angels and also a 2-0 loss against Europa which no one thought would be realistic, we know it’s possible. 


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