Street Soccer League Project launches in Gibraltar

John Recicar and Marko Simonek are starting up a Street Soccer League in Gibraltar that will aim to encourage amateur and professional football enthusiasts to take their skills in to the outdoor football environment.

The idea, to launch a local Street Soccer League in Gibraltar, is a notion that Mark and John hope will help to promote casual and serious football players alike. In a place like Gibraltar, where the presence of outdoor street pitches is widespread, it has become a familiar scene to witness youngsters engaging in outdoor sports activities. John and Mark hope to take advantage of this by developing a more professional tournament set up, while influencing and helping young Gibraltarians to take up football as a serious commitment.

Their first objective for the project is to accumulate interest and then use the league as a means of supporting talent and promoting the sport.

Recicar said, “we want to give everyone from ages 16-40, who just want to go for a kick-about, or even aspire to play at a higher level, a chance to join our league.”

12508780_1653039728317154_497516125588308557_nTournament games will consist of four players and a keeper with similar rules and regulations to that of Futsal, the only major difference being that matches will take place on outdoor pitches.

Recicar stated, “Street Soccer is always more technical and you need to be in a better shape so you can run more, while it gives an opportunity for new talent to be discovered, which will also benefit the football fraternity.”

“While we will be aiming for professional standards in the future, for now we’re just aiming to get people to join the League so we can start it up and get it going in Gibraltar.”

“It is up to each team to get the best players they can to win the League because everybody eventually wants to be the best.”

Recicar and Simonek have both had first hand experience in the Street Soccer League scene in their home country of Slovakia, having been witnesses to its growing popularity, even to neighbouring teams in the Czech Republic. The intention of this brand new project in Gibraltar is to interact with other teams on an international level in order to have a diverse mixture of individuals and talent taking part.

The top players among the five-a-side League will be selected at the end of the season and be granted eligibility to participate in the Gibraltar eleven-a-side Second Division. Recicar added, “this will give an opportunity for amateurs to use us as a springboard into professional football”. It will also provide an interesting alternative to the traditional process of having to attend football trials in order to attain the credentials necessary to play on a professional level.

Prizes and statistics of matches will be kept on record throughout the season and will be displayed on the Street Soccer League website: www.streetsoccerleague.com12584181_1264715386878684_378265887_n

Recicar also stated: “the winning team this season will gain free registration for the next season.”

The final deadline day for registering a team for entry into the Winter tournament will be January 27th, 2016, where the limit of teams will be a maximum of 16 10-man squads. The second Division is expected to begin in September 2016.

For further information and to register a team for the tournament please contact Street Soccer League on their website:

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