Olympique 0-1 Leo

Leo beat Olympique 1-0 in a game that saw four players and a manager sent off at the Victoria Stadium.

Dylan Hayes second half goal secured all three points, but the talking point will no doubt be about the red cards, as Olympique ended up with eight men, while Leo finished with ten.

The first red card saw Garry Turner-Bone sent off for violent conduct in the first half, but the game went into the break 0-0.

Five minutes into the second half, both teams had a player sent off, as Olympique’s Christian Caetano and Leo’s Sergio Ortega were both given their marching orders by referee Jason Barcelo.

The final red cards in the game came after 75 minutes, with Justin Santos receiving a yellow card, before Olympique manager Carlo Brydges would also be sent to the stands. His team held on until the 80th minute though, when Hayes eventually made his team’s two man advantage count.

Leo go back on top of the Second Division, while for Olympique, they remain sixth but will have to contend with their suspensions in their next game against Gibraltar Phoenix on Sunday.

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