Gilroy: “On our day we can beat anyone”

Shortly after Britannia’s 2-0 victory over Manchester 62, we caught up with one of yesterday’s standout performers Sam Gilroy as he gave us his thoughts on the victory.

Gilroy reflected on Britannia’s victory, “We played much better, there’s a difference between playing well and winning a game and actually going through a hard game and winning. We are starting to prove that we are winning as men and as a good team, we really did have to work hard today but near the end it was quite comfortable the last twenty minutes, we weren’t really struggling so it was a good win and i’m very happy.”

Britannia now sit third in the league, Gilroy gave us his feelings, “We train with these lads and in all honesty, on our day I think we are capable of beating anybody, when we can get the ball down on the floor and play some nice football. We proved today that we are deadly on the counter-attacks and Risto with his great set-pieces, as a team we are complete and on our day we can beat anyone.

Britannia faces some tough games starting off with Lions next week, we got his thoughts on what he hopes to get out from those games, “To be honest every game is the same, you go into the game the same as every other. All the lads are really excited to play the two big boys as they are top of the league because we want to be up there, we want to be first and second, we want to be battling for the title so bring it on.”


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