Cafer: “We want to win the league & play Champions League football”

Ahead of Europa FC’s game with Lincoln Red Imps tonight, we caught up with Europa keeper Matt Cafer as he gave us his thoughts on the upcoming season.

matt caferEuropa finished last season second in the league and were able to qualify for the Europa League, Cafer reflected on how the season went, ” I think last season was a disappointing season for the club, although we managed to qualify for Europa League which is a great success in its own, for Lincoln to finish 14 points ahead of us, that was a real let down for us. We wanted to be challenging for the title the whole way through the year and unfortunately we let ourselves down there.”

Last Saturday Europa played against Lincoln in the Pepe Reyes Cup with Lincoln winning 3-2 in extra-time, Cafer was unable to play due to an elbow injury but he gave us his thoughts on the game, “Unfortunately i didn’t play the Pepe Reyes cup, I’ve got a slight problem with my elbow which has been restricting me training at the moment, but I thought the team did well, the first half wasn’t a spectacle for the fans I think we came out a little nervous, but once we got our heads in the game, I think you can see the change in the second half, our fitness and quality was clear in the second half. We were unlucky hitting the post at 2-2 and then Lincoln do what they do best, and find that winner.”

Europa have by far been the busiest this summer in the Premier Division bringing in a whole new squad, we asked Cafer if he was happy with the business done by Europa, “I think everyone can see we have been the busiest in the transfer market this year, basically replacing the whole squad, with me being one of the few if not the only surviving player.So far the players that have come in have shown real, real quality and the managers set a high standard of professionalism for themselves and for the team that Gibmatt cafer.jpg-pwrt3raltar has never seen, and once the players click together and we start playing our game I personally think we’ll be a very difficult team to beat.

Cafer added, “Yeah course I’m upset to see some of my old teammates my friends depart and leave but that’s football. Some of them I’ll be playing against this year in Gibraltar! Others unfortunately I won’t! (Jamie Robba I wish him all the best in France), (Jamie Bosio in England) and Juanse Gib’s best player a big shame he won’t be playing here this year. There’s a few very very good players, but I’ll let you make your mind up about that today. I don’t want to give too much away” 

Lastly, Cafer gave us an insight into his and Europa’s ambitions for this season, “This is the easiest question yet, we want to win the league! We want to play champions league next year! And there’s no better way of stating our intent than by winning on Monday and for me personally, get back to 100% fit and get back playing minutes and games. That’s what you need as a player.”


Football Gibraltar would like to thank Matt Cafer for his time and wish him the best of luck for the future.


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